Big Hole – You Will Always Be Shit (CD-R, Not On Label)

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you will always be shitBig Hole is a harsh noise/wall project from Christopher Charles Robinson, which has amassed quite a few releases in the past year or so. Many of the project’s first albums were self-released in small editions, and You Will Always Be Shit has gotten a second edition of 20. Two tracks totaling about 55 minutes are on offer from the project.

The first, “You Will Always Be Shit,” begins with the titular sound clip from the film Happiness before morphing into a raging wall of static blasts. The sound source of this album – shortwave radios, EQ manipulation – is quite present in the mix, and the first few moments of heavy crackle pair nicely. As the track progresses, Big Hole moves into more of a white-washed territory, the static engulfing much of the rest of the textures leaving a searing sound with little openings. It’s definitely a harsh listen, but the overpowering texture of sizzling static tends to take away from the other textures, leaving a shortwave buzz. To this listener, the heavy static tone takes on too much of an unmanipulated radio crackle, certainly a tough listen but lacking rewarding texture.

The second track, “Blow Your Brains Out,” takes its title from a sound clip Big Hole provides from The Last House on the Left (1972). Again, it’s an immense track of wall textures that has quite a bit of variation over the course of its half hour running time; Big Hole shifts from bass crackles with lots of EQ-manipulated static, a lot more dynamic in its portrayal of the sound and quite a good listen as well. The quick texture shifts work in the track’s favor over its length and show Big Hole is able to craft rewarding textures on the fly.

You Will Always Be Shit‘s two tracks are both heavy slices of harsh noise wall, with “Blow Your Brains Out” the more effective of the two with its alternations. Overall, it’s a solid release from this project that fans of the subgenre should find appealing, and I think you can still get a copy from the artist.