Unclean/Lapot – Sortovuosien Terrori/Represiju Metai (C70, Terror)

Black Noise, Drone, harsh noise, Noise, Review

unclean lapot

Unclean is a Finnish harsh noise artist who throws out some destructive sounds over two tracks on his side of this split tape, subtitled “Sortovuosien Terrori,” while on the B-side, “Represiju Metai,” Lapot allows one long track to expand and contort wherever it likes in 35 minutes. Both sides are bleak, atmospheric, and bleary in sound.

First is Unclean’s “Sodanjulistus,” a very bass-heavy track that is so blurred by the muddy production that the only thing that really stands out is the intense blustery sound. Unclean’s assault also features quite a bit of feedback mid-range, as well as a hypnotic chanting section, but the audio clearly favors the heavy rumbles over the other pieces of the track. “Veri Suomen Kaduilla” is a more balanced track, with a juddering tone paired with a punctuated rumble of bass; vocals kick in about a minute or so in, nicely backgrounded with an echo to them that makes them seem shouted into a bomb shelter.

Lapot’s track “Represiju Metai” is much more contained, starting off with a low drone and segueing into shuddering bass with slight sounds of vocals and a low crackle that could be coming from a guitar. This is continued throughout much of the track, but the interesting thing about Lapot’s textures is that the drone is the most dominant feature of the track, with the subtle nuances of the static crackles hidden beneath the surface. In general, “Represiju Metai” sticks to a solid sound but enhances the black hole-like sound with the presence of small differences.

This lengthy split is worth the time, especially because both artists offer tracks that hide their harsher natures. Unclean allows the bass to drive the tracks, while Lapot’s slow escalation into huge sound works well with the material.