La Goccia D’Acqua – Tradere (3″ CD-R, Ink Runs Recordings)

ambient noise wall, harsh noise, harsh noise wall, Noise, Review

la goccia d'acqua traderYet another project in Julien Skrobek’s expanding ouvre, La Goccia D’Acqua is translated to The Drop of Water from Italian. On this release for his own Ink Runs Recordings, he’s influenced by Black Sabbath, the 1963 horror film starring Boris Karloff. On offer is a wall of nearly twenty minutes long that skirts the line between harsh noise wall and ambient noise wall.

The track first picks up with atmospheric sounds of movement in a house, then jumps into the wall territory with a few different textures. In the background is a quiet, unchallenged drone – not what I’d call a rumbling, but instead a steady whirr ambient whir that continues throughout the track. There’s also a slight hint of bass shuddering, but it’s quite distant and meant to be less noticeable. The static crackles in the forefront are the focus, a stream of alternating rhythms that pop like fire, or like heavy rainwater dripping from eaves onto a hard surface.

This is a fairly unchanging piece as well; if there are any alterations, it’s difficult to pick them out because they’re not pronounced. “Tradere” is a successful pairing of both styles of wall noise, making it difficult to pinpoint exactly where it fits in; the crackling qualities of the static are a bit harsh, but the ambient backdrop might lull listeners. Either way, it’s a good release.