Trepaneringsritualen – The Totality of Death (Programme B) (CD, Silken Tofu)

Black Noise, harsh noise, Industrial, Noise, Review

totality of death b

The Totality of Death (Programme B) is the second disc in a compilation of difficult-to-find tracks from Trepaneringsritualen. It’s another hour of death industrial tracks, released on Silken Tofu in much the same style as Programme A with more flip-out panel artwork in a digipak.

Most of these tracks are similar in quality and tonality to the ones on Programme A, some of them appearing on the same releases. Silken Tofu and Malignant Records split up the tracks instead of having them appear back-to-back as they would have on their corresponding releases, possibly for a better mix and proportion of similar tracks.

There’s lots of banging and pounding akin to the death industrial tribalism; “Sacrament & Crucifixion,” “Champ Sacré,” and “Decoupage de L’Orme,” back to back with each other, all sit fairly comfortably in this zone, driven by the rhythmic pounding with the latter featuring a wind-swept drone punctuated by muffled screaming.

Trepaneringsritualen alternates comfortably between upbeat tracks with prominent black metal vocals and more droning efforts like the opener “Beläten”; some are focused heavily on atmosphere, and others, like the rough “Eucharist of Shit & Piss,” fall nearly into black metal categories. It’s a sweeping testament to genres, but The Totality of Death as a complete set is a wonderful arrangement of the differences in Trepaneringsritualen’s work.

Like most compilations, there are some definite hits and a few misses; some of Trepaneringsritualen’s work tends to drag for too long (“Repeating (Anti-Memory),” “Den Fallne Domaldrs Lik”). But for the most part both programmes are intense and effective, with great packages. You should pick up both for two hours of good material.