Terror’ish – Weak Stance (C20, Ratskin Records)

EBM, Glitch, Industrial, Music, Noise, Review

I wonder if the artist name for Terror’ish comes from the P.O.S song of the same name? Not sure, because I can’t find much information on Terror’ish besides the Myspace Music page of his (which does feature an reenvisioning of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” that is apt for the holidays). Weak Stance is the only actual physical release that I can find; released in Ratskin Records, it’s got five tracks over the course of twenty minutes, and it’s all very rhythmic noise focusing on industrial-tinged glitch and dubstep beats that incorporate lots of harsh sounds along the way.

There’s the tribal clicking and clanging of “Last Slice” that sounds like it’s being played on overamplified tubes that the Blue Man Group might use on stage; the two A-side tracks, “As Long As the Outcome Is Income” and “Over Your Skin”, are longer, letting the repetitive rhythms sprawl while Terror’ish adds new layers throughout. The former even features some drum programming that highlights the similarities between the clicks of sticks and the sharp bursts of differing static sounds that begin to crash away at the listener. “Over Your Skin” drones at first, adding low volume breakcore underneath synth tracks.

These tracks are strangely hard on the ears, even though they do stay fairly rhythmic. It’s like listening to a dying washing machine, metal scraping along inside of it while it judders up and down, left and right. To that end, Terror’ish does a good job of keeping Weak Stance barely listenable for those who like beat-driven electronics akin to Fuck Buttons; for those who like noise, it’s still harsh enough to craft a trippy and surprisingly melodic cassette.