Strange Notes/Sweet On You – The Most Beautiful Woman In Town (C10, Worthless Recordings)

harsh noise, harsh noise wall, Noise, Review

Sometimes there are tapes where you wish they would go on longer. That’s how I feel about this Strange Notes and Sweet On You split, two artists I’ve never heard of but would like to hear more from. This C10 feels much too short, although the intensity of the harsh noise wall textures on display on this cassette might be difficult to sustain for more than five minutes per side.

Both tracks are quite similar in sound, wallish textures that rip and shred and are just intensely harsh. There’s a lot of sawing, scratching, and roiling, and both artists really tend to switch up their texturing quite a bit throughout each track. That means that neither of these tracks are generic harsh noise walls, but instead harsh noise with wall-like focal points. It’s great, though, and that’s really all there is to say about it – if you don’t like the movement of these tracks, then you’re probably looking for something longer and more stationary, but harsh noise fans will not be disappointed by the intensity on display on this C10.