Krueleco – Regno (C30, Stupro Rituale)

Black metal, Black Noise, harsh noise, Review

krueleco regno

Krueleco are Occultus Parn Diam and Occultus Parc CMII (for those who might not realize, not their real names), a duo that plays black harsh noise. That’s a combination of things, including noise in the vein of power electronics and a prominent display of drum tracking. Seven tracks round out Regno, split into two sides: Kultur and Zivilisation.

The Kultur side features more drumming parts; “Regno I” in particular is a looping track that uses what sounds like grindcore drumming underneath noise as a rhythmic assault. Similarly, “Regno II” attacks with sizzling crunchy hiss while a repetitive drum beat bangs away. Regno‘s tracks generally stay fairly consistent in their sound, rarely traveling very far from their starting points, but the cuts are short enough to allow such subtle movement. “Regno IV” is a particularly good example of cut-up, squally harsh noise.

Zivilisation’s side is more focused on noise than the drum parts of its opposite side. “Regno V” does have a heavy bass rumble akin to double-bass blasts, but its central feature is a loop and sawing noises at the forefront. “Regno VI” has a nice sizzling static line along with huge booms of bass, and the drums drop out for more electronic mayhem, as does the longer “Regno VII,” which involves a whirring, tonal feedback and a saw-like drone that eventually add a fast-paced drum beat. It’s very hypnotic, and the best of the tape.

Krueleco provides a fairly unique experience combining blackened metal and harsh noise together, and Regno features a good range of tracks that utilize these elements well. None are explicitly harsh, nor are they simply black metal with noise; instead, Regno finds a medium that still espouses the darkness of both genres.