Stone Wired – Something We Should Endure (Early Death 1997-1999) (CD-R, Exabyss Records)

dark ambient, death industrial, Noise, Review

somethine we should endureStone Wired is a death dark ambient project from Gyorgy Turoczy, also known as Human Vault and Mortum Exabyss. He’s been re-releasing some of his older output as part of his record label Exabyss Records, and much like the Human Vault Tears of the Quiet Ones/Souls Inflicted double-CD-R album, Something We Should Endure is a collection of tracks from Stone Wired’s early days. This is meant to coincide with Something We Never Endure, another series of tracks from 1997-1999. If you check both of them out, that’s about 28 tracks and over two hours of material, something that might overwhelm when talking about death and dark ambient.

Something We Should Endure is a relatively immense release, and it covers quite a bit of ground throughout its running time. This is certainly well-rooted in death industrial; there are quite a number of vocal interludes sounding the death march, or synth-heavy sustained notes held out while percussive tones punctuate the darkness.

Stone Wired does these well, however. There’s an abundance of death and dark ambient music that often falls short of the mark because of the ease in which it can be produced – hit a note, hold it out, and pull in some sort of heavy breathing or marching beats for a concise approach – and yet Stone Wired’s feels somewhat different. Part of that is the style of Something We Should Endure – as a compilation of tracks, it feels loosely connected instead of recorded at the same time. It is also heavy on the atmosphere, and that’s something that can’t really be copied; it’s simply felt by the artist and listener, and when it’s there, it works.

The variety helps things significantly. There are regular ambient tracks, there are vocal interludes like “Regen” that carry right into much harsher songs like “Ode to the Catafalque.” The ordering and pairing of Something We Should Endure provides room for Stone Wired to showcase his abilities, and as a compilation, one can’t go wrong checking out this album simply for the hour of death ambient and dark industrial thematicism of Stone Wired’s work.