World of Metal and Rust – Songs for Prisoners (CD-R, Not On Label)

dark ambient, Drone, Industrial, Noise, Review

world of rust and metal

World of Metal and Rust makes beat-driven drone and noise; sort of like dusty, dirty jams and down-tempo percussion. Songs for Prisoners is a self-released collection of tracks meant for different, unnamed prisoners; each of them gets their own song, all of them melted into a dark abyss of beats and repetitive rhythms.

World of Metal and Rust isn’t focused on completely obliterating the idea of a “song”; instead the project combines an industrial, echoing vibe with slow percussive rhythms, and most of the songs on Songs for Prisoners morph into a hybrid of what a hip-hop song might sound like if it was slowed down extensively and then fed through a guitar pedal. These songs don’t always include drums, but they’re all very slow and plodding.

They’re also very repetitious, and that can be a good or a bad thing depending on the track. Sometimes the tracks go on for too long, like “Prisoner G”‘s unending factory tones or the pulsating beat of “Into the Night.” The best cuts on the album are the shortest, the ones that use the rhythms repetitively, then slowly change the sound towards the end. Frankly, some of these tracks feel too similar to each other, using the same format with different noise and a slight mix of beats.

Songs for Prisoners definitely has some potential, but the length of this disc – nearly an hour! – and the repetitive nature of each track make it difficult to sit through. There’s a lot of content on here that could probably either be discarded or conjoined to make fewer but more interesting songs.