Tetrad Veil – Solar Sequence (C50[?], Involition)

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tetrad veil solar sequencwThe first thing that you’ll notice about Tetrad Veil’s debut (only?) cassette Solar Sequence is that its font is nearly inscrutable. Seriously, I first did some research to see if I was simply bad at reading or if the writing was in Cyrillic. Alas, no it was not – I happened to figure out that the label was Involition, and then from there I got the rest of my information. So the thing that stood out most popping this tape in was that Tetrad Veil wanted to make it as hard as possible for me to actually figure out their name and title.

Yet maybe that’s the point, because after the opening sounds of “DWR” begin I was hooked on the death ambient ritualistic tones that Tetrad Veil were putting forth. Though one might expect low production values from this blackened tape, the noises here are actually fully formed and unhallowed. The group offers up ten-or-so minute excursions into electronic darkness, with rhythmic looping bass and very atmospheric patterns.

Over top of it all is the echoing screeches of Tetrad Veil’s vocalist, set back far enough to not be obstructive but harrowing enough to reach into the soul. The lofi nature of those screams work really well just above the churning bleakness of the electronics.

Solar Sequence shows good variety here, and Tetrad Veil are loosely stepping around subgenres like martial industrial, black metal, power electronics, and death industrial to create a very compelling sound that is also strangely catchy. “Wake the Dormant” on the second side features deep bass tones and a ringing tone along with chanted vocals that help induce heavy trance states.

The tape is a great release from Tetrad Veil, both disturbing and hypnotic. The simple looping rhythms don’t stray far from their initial patterns but Solar Sequence manages to be a tight listen all the way through. You can still check out this release on their Bandcamp page.