Richmond Tape Club Vol. 2: Slow News Day in the Vampire World (C20, Richmond Tape Club)

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slow news day

Slow News Day in the Vampire World is a dub project from John and Tara Morand. On this tape for the Richmond Tape Club, they have a couple of guest appearances from friends, and the tracks are titled to signify whose track it is. There are five tracks on this C20, and each of them have the plodding bass drones you’d expect from a dub album.

The first side consists of two tracks, the first being “Stephen Funky.” It’s a repetitive song with huge bass, and there’s a buzzing element locked into that groove that works rather well as a noisy offshoot to the rather minimal textures. “Delia Dub” and “Bobby Dub” are short tracks that allow Slow News Day in the Vampire World to play with different sounds while keeping their initial beat intact, but the most apparent experiment is the final track “Animal Talk,” a mid-paced beat with echoing drum slaps and a swirling sample that sounds sourced from some vocal clip. There are more sonic changes in this song than any of the others combined thanks to the track’s vignettes. The sound continues to grow, the synths get more defined, and vocal samples echo along with eerie woodwind effects.

The result is a quiet and deliberate effect. Some of these tracks, the liner tells us, were used in an Irish horror film called Portrait of a Zombie, and they do sound like the plodding moments of a film that is slowly building to show us how zombies have taken over the world, as though we’re viewing it on top of a skyscraper and the horde stretches for miles. Some might find the slow progression of these tracks off-putting, however, and those who don’t like dub will probably not find anything here to change their minds.