M&Ogs – Pig Love Meets Bab(ies) and a Classical Dancer (3″ CD-R, Ikebukuro Dada)

Glitch, harsh noise, Noise, Review


M&Ogs is the harsh noise/glitchy project from one-half of Prairie-Litière and Baptiste Villain. The abstract nature of the project’s title and the album title is lost upon me, and I can find no reference to it elsewhere on the web, but it’s obvious from this release that there’s a motive to all the madness. This mini-CD-R comes packaged on a piece of linoleum.

An interesting note about my own copy of Pig Love Meets Bab(ies) and a Classical Dancer: 

The linoleum and plastic housing the CD-R had kind of melted all together; the linoleum was sticky and the plastic attached, and I had to rip through the plastic and pry the CD-R from its plastic tabs to get it out. It took some Windex and elbow grease to remove the sticky adhesive from the back of the CD-R, but sometimes it still skipped in the CD player. That was interesting to me because it was almost like an anti-record of sorts; M&Ogs’ sound on this release is focused on oscillating textures and skipping, glitchy sounds, and when the CD skipped it increased the amount of oscillations tenfold.

But for most, that’s probably not going to be the experience when listening to this album. Pig Love Meets Bab(ies) and a Classical Dancer is odd because it features sonic oscillations that would normally be thought of as filler textures in other harsh noise tracks. The glitching sounds, the quick transitions from bass textures, are all very minimal in comparison to the soundscapes one might generally hear them in.

But put into context over 15 minutes such as is the case with this release, it actually sort of works. I’m not sure how successful it would be in a larger scope – say, if M&Ogs did something similar for every release – but Pig Love Meets Bab(ies) and a Classical Dancer is a solid listen, especially if you get a damaged disc like mine.