Oorchach – Vigilia (C40, Terror)

Drone, Music, Noise, Review


Oorchach’s blend of tribalism and synth-based drones doesn’t sound like anything new to a reader, but take the time to listen to all 40 minutes of Vigilia and you might feel differently. There’s a scope and magnitude to this work, and an obsession with repetitive forms that just barely morph throughout the tracks, that keeps Oorchach from falling into the same territory as those before. With three tracks, Vigilia punctuates the artist’s ability to hypnotize with texturing.

Vigilia‘s first side consists of both “Vigilia Nervosa” and “Vigilia Nostalgica.” The former is a track with a repetitive synth loop, hammering rhythmically away at the chords while Oorchach adds subsequent layers of vibrating noise and siren-like calls. It pulls the listener in, and then at the end “Vigilia Nervosa” blooms like a flower, adding all of these elements up to create a raucous conclusion. “Vigilia Nostalgica” follows a similar pattern, with another looped synth texture starting things off (fast-paced without space) while non-harsh feedback and high-pitched notes squall around it. Eventually a heavy thud adds the sound of something falling – a beat.

But the kicker on this tape is the final track, the entire B-side, called “Vigilia Aurora.” What starts out as subtle drones attempting to find a balance between noise and music morphs into an intense climax, where a rumbling percussive element joins with the warbling, siren-like crescendos of the synth. It’s a track brimming with explosiveness, and the build is incredible.

Vigilia‘s three tracks are full of great drones with original concepts, and Oorchach has the ability to make them noisy without losing the shape of the sound. This is hypnotic tape you’ll want to grab from Terror.