Lys – Klaida Ir Užuojauta (C46, Terror)

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LYS klaida ir

Lys is Vilius Šiaulys from Lithuanian, but other than that there’s not more I can give you about this artist. Releases have been fairly sparse; Klaida Ir Užuojauta was released in 2012, and the last ones that I can find before that were in 2011 and 2004. While not as prolific as others in the noise genre, Lys has given us a tape of three longer tracks spanning nearly fifty minutes, minutely droning and looping throughout.

The first track takes up the entire length of side A, known as “Užuojauta.” It’s a massive growing drone, first beginning with the kinds of things you would expect – slight rumbles, a very airy flowing foreground – then building to climax. It adds very small concepts to the layers, like barely audible stuttering textures or wind-swept moments, clicks and clatters that come and go throughout.

The second side is split into two tracks. The first is “Klaida,” which is a deep texture of a higher-pitched squall paired with different aberrations in the sound; at times Lys will include a wavering treble crumble, others he allows the original drone to sit alone. “Trys” is a hypnotic drone that features a slight synth-like sustained note in the background with short punctuations of a horn texture. It builds up, the drone surging forward.

In short, Klaida Ir Užuojauta is a drone album that doesn’t adhere to general rules. It’s a release where Lys has branched out from the simple riffs of allowing noisy shimmering sounds to repeat unimpeded; the three tracks here are layered and complex, and a joy to listen to.