Skin Graft – Ill Will (C32, Ratskin Records)

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skin graft ill will

Skin Graft’s Ill Will gives the listener two significantly different tracks. While Side A is generally harsher and more eclectic, Side B puts forth a wall of moderately moving, endlessly looping minimal textures that vary little to not at all. It’s an interesting shift for Skin Graft’s harsh noise project, one that works to include both types of listeners.

Both sides are split into two fifteen minute tracks. Side A covers a wide range of electronic sources, from the static whitewash of the first few seconds of the track to more frenzied moments later on. The full track is split into segments, each punctuated by moments of silence to make this side feel less a wholesome track, instead one defined by vignettes. It works to a certain extent, but I couldn’t help wishing Skin Graft would chop some of the added seconds off of the silence to give the track a stuttered pacing.

Side B is much less forgiving, a textured wall of sound that includes a low feedback swirl and a staccato static clicking layer on top. It’s excellently crafted, with a sense of variation when there isn’t any, and it relies on this throughout the whole side. Some harsh noise fans may disagree, but despite the lack of change I find this side a lot more likeable.

Skin Graft offers two very different tracks, ones that will probably have listeners divided on which they prefer. But Ill Will is an effective release of grime and clacking industrial noise all the same, sure to find a good home in many noise collections.