Haare – Forward to Insanity (C40, Terror)

Drone, harsh noise, Noise, Review

haare forward to insanity

Haare is the project of Ilkka Vekka, which has been releasing tapes and CD-Rs on and off for quite few years. Forward to Insanity is a droning album of harsh noise sounds, three tracks that move from deeper bass to light squeals of feedback for a moody experience that emphasizes depth of sound.

The first track on side A is the title track, which is also the shortest at about eight minutes in length. Haare sets up a bass drone in the background of the track while static waves and echoing electronics destroy the mid-section; the whole thing is resonant and murky, and Haare allows the track to revel in the rumbles without opting for a harsher approach to the sound. “Underground Lucifer,” the second track on the side, picks up more of a crunch at first, then adds the swells and groans of electronics as an ode to the tortured screams in Hell. The bass from the previous track drops out for a equalized sound that allows some of the quieter moments reign to create atmosphere. It’s a strong drone soundscape that focuses on windswept elements and just a bit of background noise.

The second side features the sole track “Death of the Liquid Pleiades,” another droning track that ebbs and flows with what sounds like synth textures and electronic manipulation. There’s a tense rhythm underneath the noise that cements everything together, and it provides the track with a thematic overlay that works rather nicely, keeping the track defined for its running time. It’s my favorite of the release, mostly because it has qualities of both tracks on the first side rolled into one.

Haare delivers an eerie C40 of drones and noise that pair well together, and it doesn’t fall into the trap of sounding the same. There’s a nuance to the work that forces the listener to hear between the larger rumbles and resonating tones, and that’s a rewarding, moody experience.