Flesh Clocks – Columns of Blood (For Adriana Varejão) (CD-R, Ink Runs Recordings)

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flesh clocks

Flesh Clocks is the duo of Julien Skrobek and Charlotte Skrobek, husband-and-wife team of harsh noise wallers that offers up a wall of high and low end sound. Columns of Blood‘s sub-title, the dedication to Adriana Varejão, indicates the artistic bent of Flesh Clocks, while still maintaining the dedication to the same ideals that Skrobek has worked with in the past.

Here, the wall is composed primarily of two different sounds. Charlotte comes in first with a low muffled bass that runs alone for five minutes; Julien then opens up with a torrent of crunchy static sounds. After that, the track allows the wall to run onward without much change for the duration of the sound.

It’s an interesting idea for a piece, especially a married couple. The two sounds interlock into one wall, allowing for the metaphor of relationship and marriage and so on. But it also shows how two sound samples can equally give and take for a track, and this is primarily the draw of Columns of Blood. The wall itself is not expansive, nor is it harsh – there’s a muffled texturing here that simply allows this to be a soothing, ambient-like track.

But it’s well worth a listen, and a fascinating look into the intimate lives of two artists coming together to form one wall.