Endometrium Cuntplow – Eclipse Blindness (CD-R, Obfuscated Records)

Drone, Glitch, harsh noise, Noise, Review

eclipse blindeness

Endometrium Cuntplow is David Lucien Matheke, who has amassed quite a number of releases in the past few years. Eclipse Blindness is three tracks at about 45 minutes in runtime, released on the great Obfuscated Records label. It comes with a high-def glossy insert and some picture artwork on the CD cover, and it all looks great for such a small release.

The first track on the album is “Phasing In”, and it sets the tone for the rest of the album. There’s a linear progression through each track on the disc; like its title, the opening track is sort of an introduction to Endometrium Cuntplow. A locked groove opens things, sort of like a digital version of the scratching of a record that’s run its course. Over time, the track opens up with more sounds piled on top; alarum blasts and blipping tones that feel slightly mismatched from the loop are added, creating a whirlwind that sounds off-kilter and mesmerizing.

It leads into “Staring At the Sun”, a more blustery track than its predecessor. The loops are still here, but this time there’s what sounds like a fuzzy guitar line fed through lots of effects. It builds to greater heights, a frenzy that adds more electronics than the previous track – and it climaxes into “Blurred and Obscured”, which is, for this release, the harshest track that sounds exactly like what the title entails.

I like the perceived theme throughout Eclipse Blindness, and I think it works well with Endometrium Cuntplow’s blend of rhythm and harshness. And thanks to the excellent production values and packaging from Obfuscated Records, this is an album that’s worth your listen and your money.