Astro & Winters In Osaka – Reverberating Forest (CD, Phage Tapes/Dismantle Records)

dark ambient, Drone, harsh noise, Noise, Review

astro winters

Reverberating Forest is a collaboration between the harsh noise wunderkind Astro and the droning, noisy collection Winters In Osaka. The disc holds one forty minute track that combines both harsh noise and drone together, with Winters In Osaka and Astro trading off for center stage in various vignettes.

The single, titular track begins with a shimmering drone from Winters In Osaka; everything is perfectly balanced, from the guitar lines to the subtle entrances of sound. Even some noise gets thrown in here or there with some kettle-like whistles and crashes underneath the sustained tone. Throughout the first twenty minutes or so, Reverberating Forest feels on edge; it often goes back and forth between movements, sometimes shifting into climaxes and at other times allowing the sound to recoil from its scope.

The climaxes work well to include the harsher aspects of noise, and the shift often allows some extra effects to be added. Around twenty minutes in the work shifts to a more Astro-centric approach – the drone is given up in favor of Astro’s demolition of the soundscape. Eventually the drones of Winters In Osaka do return; however, the segmented nature of this collaboration tends to make it feel more like a split than both acts working together.

Still, Reverberating Forest is a fascinating forty minute listen, perfect for a shorter trip where the track can be encompassed in full. The drone and noise combo works well together thanks to the many climaxes, and it seems these two acts fit quite snugly into the other’s work.