Commingled Containers – August Voyeurism (C60, Underground Pollution Records)

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Commingled Containers is the noise project of Paul Gremare and Romain Hebert, one the founder of label Autistic Campaign and the other the founder of Ikebukuro-Dada – both of which have been reviewed here in various forms. August Voyeurism is a lengthy excursion in improvisation, junk noise, and guitar squalls, an interesting mixture of ideas from the two musicians that finds the duo crafting six freeform noise tracks across the A and B side of this tape.

The juncture between the two artists is guitar noise – these tracks often feature some unveiled twangs and plucks of guitar strings before exploding into raging cacophony, as both “Welcome” and “August Voyeurism” quickly detail – a lot of feedback, scratchy electronics writhing, and occasionally the recognizable guitar drone and warble from Hebert. The duo create impressive and seemingly improvisational noise, often drifting from straight harsh noise into drone territory as the two lock into a groove between feedback and electronics.

Side B’s “U-Turn” launches into a sprawling crackle of decaying electronics, blustery static, and an overwhelming feedback tone that finds the duo working in excellent harmony – blending the electronics and guitars into a amalgamation where the result is a thoughtful, well-directed cacophony. “Aire nord de Vironvay (Côte Byzance)” similarly creates something of a harsh noise wall wherein heavy bass shudders combine with guitar histrionics.

Overall, this is a solid performance from Commingled Containers that offers up some great noise around an hour in length. The improvisational nature of these cuts makes them a delight to get lost in, to find the areas where the two artists merge and then break free of their interlocked sound.

Commingled Containers – Commingled Containers (3xC20, Autistic Campaign/Ikebukuro Dada)

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commingled containers

Commingled Containers is the duo of Paul Grémare and Romain Hebert, two artists that have worked together in the past in the project A Bangbus for Jennifer Ayache. This noise release seems to focus on harsh noise and walls in tandem, with each of the three cassettes sitting somewhere in between. Commingled Containers is a short film by Stan Brakhage, which I’m assuming is where the project takes its name.

The three cassettes are broken up into ten minute sides, with two out of three featuring side-long pieces. The first tape consists of more harsh noise than wall forms, with each of the tracks moving through noise territory including guitar distortions and feedback, shifts in bass-driven walls, squeals and off-key playing.

The second two tapes are less chaotic, specializing in walls that tend to move slowly and carefully without changing the dimensions of the track. “Meat Love (Part 1)” and “Part 2” serves up two linked tracks that tend to divide their time between slowly evolving walls and planned changes in the texturing. It works well, and it’s the best tape in this set.

The last tape finds Commingled Containers serving up crunchy static while maintaining relatively fixed pieces. “Air-Sud de Rosny (Part 1)” and “Part 2” both move and stay the same at the same time, with static set pieces fixing the listener in place while backgrounds and textures change shape. It’s not as adept as the “Meat Love” tape but it’s still a good listen.

Commingled Containers is quite the varied listen from both artists, but it works well as a three-tape set based (I assume) on an experimental film about textures. Grémare and Hebert are skilled in various forms of noise, not just walls or harshness, and this set utilizes all of their nuances.