Burial Ground – Day of the Dead (C122, Worthless Recordings)

harsh noise, harsh noise wall, Noise, Review

Day of the Dead is one long 60-minute harsh noise wall track from Burial Ground, and it is the follow-up to the artist’s recordings meant as tribute to George A. Romero’s zombie trilogy. The cassette itself is one-sided, meaning once you’ve finished up the lengthy release, you’ll have to go ahead and rewind it to play it again, although with the sheer length of the piece, you probably won’t need to for some time.

As a HNW track, Day of the Dead in incredibly thick. It starts and ends with music and sound clips from the film, then churns right into the static fluctuations. For the most part, Burial Ground gives us an unchanging wall of sound, and it is quite difficult to listen within the piece for any sort of shudders of static or focal points to give the track some overarching texture. Instead, Day of the Dead is about sheer force, and it will take some patience to get through the hour of this cassette.

But it’s rewarding because of its thickness, a concrete slab that is difficult to traverse. Within are small moments of change, like the screaming howl of the static paired with the constant pummeling of bass. It’s like an unending scream of zombies, and although this cassette is quite long, the ability for Day of the Dead to hook you with the immensity of the wall makes Burial Ground’s release something to check out.