Faster Detail – Phase Lock (C52, No Rent Records)

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phase lock faster detailWhile I confess that I’m not the most well-versed reviewer when it comes to dance/electronica music, I will say that I find Faster Detail’s Phase Lock to be my new entry point into those subgenres. Faster Detail is the project of producer Alex Chesney, also of Gam Spun. On Phase Lock, the first and last tracks of this C52 tend towards harsh noise with electronic manipulations of sound, the “Phase” and “Lock” of the title, while the rest of both sides include bass-heavy beat-laden dance music with tons of modulations, distorted vocal samples, and a bevy of catchy samples.

The beats really don’t stop after the wallop of “Phase,” with Faster Detail sticking to a mid-fast tempo throughout with similar but often slightly varied drum tracks. Vocal manipulations and clear sound samples are interspersed throughout, with the artist often mixing in genre ideas like dubstep drops, drum ‘n bass rhythms, and even some breakcore into the mix. All of these combine to make for a swift-moving and immensely danceable record.

It’s even appreciated when Faster Detail slows things down a bit like on the digi-pop “Slug Windows,” hitting some downright emotional tones along with its video game-like beeps and boops.

Overall, Phase Lock is an intriguing listen, a catchy and fast-paced dance album sandwiched between two harsher electronic tracks. Check it out on No Rent Records’ Bandcamp page and have a dance-off.


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