New release: Lurid Hallway – Door Three available

While Memory Wave Transmission has functioned (or malfunctioned) first and foremost as a review outlet, I do sometimes release some of my own work under its title. Therefore, I wanted to draw your attention to a new(ish) release that I’m selling now from my project Lurid Hallway.

Lurid Hallway is a continuing series of harsh noise wall releases themed around specific films. These walls contain samples from the film in question and are often partially rhythmic; you may notice dialogue samples or sounds from the film, and artwork is almost always a veiled image from a scene.

For Door Three, which was completed nearly two years ago, I took a sample from a popular horror film that has one of the 50 states in its title. Some of this wall comes from the film’s soundtrack itself, which you’ll hear making up most of the foreground; the background also contains some vocal effects that come and go throughout the 40-minute runtime. Allow yourself to be taken in by this trance. A warning to HNW enthusiasts: this isn’t a traditionally massive or abrasive wall.

This release comes with cover and back cover printed on red cardstock, and includes a small obfuscated image from the inspiring film. It’s packaged in a plastic sleeve. This is limited to six CD-Rs: three on white-hub CD-Rs, and three on double-black CD-Rs. You can purchase from my Tictail site for $7 ppd in the US.

Buy now


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