Morgirion – None Left to Worship (C32, NoVisible Scars)

Black metal, Music, Review

none left to worshipMorgirion are still deeply entrenched in the underground black metal scene, creating rough demo tapes of shredding guitars, muffled drum and bass, and unmixed/unmicced vocals. Their previous full-length release Infinite Retribution Upon Paradise, is has less of a basement approach to recording, but it still has that muddied mixing that comes from low budgets and DIY ethics. None Left to Worship, released on NoVisible Scars, brings Morgirion back to live recording straight to tape, and it’s a great look at the band’s ability to perform haunting black metal without the need for studio mixing.

The tape’s four tracks are spread across two sides, and Morgirion usually fall within the five-to-six minute range for their songs. None Left to Worship has a very old-school metal vibe – its cover is hand-drawn,  its tracks are muddy, and more importantly, the band give little importance to refining those qualities. They’re more interested in crafting great black metal in the vein of “Norwegian titans like the early 90’s Mayhem and Immortal, Marduk or barbaric, mid-paced Bathory.”

Truly, they do capture that style with both fast- and mid-paced songs. “None Left to Worship” blasts away from the start of the tape with a pronounced guitar tone; the drums and vocals get somewhat lost in the mix here and on “Infiltration of Divine Entity,” but the artistry is clearly here, and “None Left to Worship” really comes into its own in its half-time conclusion. “The Pulse of Death” pulls out deeper growled vocals in favor of Morgirion’s normal high-pitched shrieks, while “A Cancer Now Severed” slows things down in the back half of the tape to end None Left to Worship on an atmospheric note.

Morgirion are holding fast to the style of unrefined, unfiltered metal so popular in the ’80s and ’90s, and it’s great to see a black metal band with able to rage with brutality that doesn’t need effects and mixing techniques. This is straight black metal, plain and simple, and None Left to Worship throws down accordingly.

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