Church Slut/Naked Pyramid – Split (C45, Earthmover Records)

Drone, harsh noise, Noise, power electronics, Review

church slut naked pyramidChurch Slut and Naked Pyramid each share a side of this C45 split from Earthmover Records, a tape that, by artist names alone, might sound like something pornographic. No, there aren’t any moans and groans of sexual pleasure on this cassette but two heavy noise artists churning away on their electronic instruments. Church Slut is Brian Harvey, also known for his sludge/doom output in Griefhound, but this moniker finds him doing mostly noise destruction. Naked Pyramid features John Guttschall and Bob Troller from Atlantic City, New Jersey, a project I’m not too familiar with.

Church Slut is on Side A with six tracks that mostly run together without a break in the chaos. It begins with a lengthy drone of synth that the artist allows to drift somewhat aimlessly that doesn’t do much to introduce us to what Church Slut has to offer; rather, it’s sort of an unnecessary padding before the rumbles of the artist’s power electronics work begin. Church Slut’s offerings are better when they’re steeped in the harsh noise churnings that overtake the later tracks; there’s even some ripping vocals along with bass crunch. At times, unfortunate knob twiddling takes over in place of interesting noise progression, but after that first track there’s quite a bit of layering within these pieces that includes a lot of cut-up sounds, squalls, and bursts of static.

Next on Side B is Naked Pyramid with two tracks, both nearly around the ten minute mark. The first, “Indian Cabin Ruin”, begins with a droning track of guitar that soon incorporates electronics and oscillations, eventually some drum ‘n bass rhythms as well. There’s a lot of warbling in this collection of tracks, and second cut “Helter Shelter” features a warping loop of electronics and pounding that sounds like it could have been sourced from cymbals; this becomes a baseline for the duo to begin to layer feedback and other pieces of sounds overtop, but it does become a bit tiresome before the nearly nine minutes are up because of that repeating stutter.

Church Slut’s split with Naked Pyramid is a fairly good offering from both parties. It has a lot to offer including cut-up squalls from Harvey and Naked Pyramid’s brand of droning harsh noise, albeit with a few missteps on both sides. Still, it’s worth a listen from these two relatively new projects.

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