Torturing Nurse & Filthy Turd – Mechanical Organ (C20, Autistic Campaign)

torturing nurse filthy turd

Mechanical Organ is a collaborative set between Torturing Nurse from China and Filthy Turd, from Darren Wyngarde (also of Urdwyg the Goldrr, various other projects). Both have an immense amount of releases under their belt, and Mechanical Organ finds them getting together to create an odd, vocally driven cassette of loops, lo-fi noises, and weirdness.

The first side is simply titled “FT + TN,” and begins with a vocal snarling of “Hey little dog.” This will be the basis for the rest of the track, looping over and over again, often reinflected with different sounds or processed into the mix. The track continues with more background spoken word, very muffled almost into obscurity, although the listener can occasionally pick out some words in the mix. Torturing Nurse & Filthy Turd add samples in at times, like the scream of a victim from a slasher movie or the quick swell of music; then it’s (I’d guess) Filthy Turd with quite a few more nonsensical rasps of spoken word, looping them into a crunchy squall (with a bit of electronics) while spoken word continues to flood the background.

Side B, “TN + FT,” starts with an even more lo-fi sound, squeaking car brake sounds or tape loop squeals pairing with a low searing sound of static and more vocal intonations. It sounds like a radio is slightly being tuned while behind it someone is bothering a bunch of chickens, probably the best way I can put it (and most likely a compliment to both Torturing Nurse and Filthy Organ). I find this side somewhat uninteresting, however; the way the sound is sort of pushed back and quiet doesn’t work as well as the first side, and the vocalizations are less effective the second time around. The slight static manipulations are nice, though.

Mechanical Organ is an odd release all around, and it will appeal to only those with the interest to listen to vocal stylings and seemingly random noise. It’s not for everyone, is what I’m trying to say, and though it’s not overly harsh it can be a difficult listen. However, it’s worth a look if you’re fans of either of these two projects.


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