Klontaveum/Protocols – Glory & Hope/Fa (C90, Winter Solace Productions)

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klontaveum protocols

The reason I took a guess on the length of this tape is because it doesn’t say anywhere exactly how long it is. The tracks themselves are about 35 minutes a side, putting this at a 70 minute length, but the tape runs along for a while after the tracks are finished. I’m guessing C80, but it could be closer to C90. Edit: Confirmed C90.

Anyway, Glory & Hope/Fa is a split tape from Klontaveum and Protocols (also known by the much longer title The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Klontaveum is a fairly new project I’d guess; I can’t find any information on the project, and Glory & Hope/Fa is the only release listed on its Discogs profile. Protocols have been around for some time releasing noisy ambient stuff, like their massive 6xCD-R set on Mein Kampf that runs about 7 hours long.

Glory & Hope/Fa is said to revolve around fire samples. First up is Klontaveum with four tracks, a quick intro with “When It Began” and then three longer entries. Klontaveum’s tracks are very cloudy, potentially the product of poor recording equipment or an echo-y studio. Whatever the case, it’s difficult to hear much dynamism in these tracks, because the audio is so muddy that the noise tends to blend into itself. Most affected is “Lies of a Lie Forged,” one of the longest tracks from Klontaveum and one that tends to have the least effect on the listener. Its noises often sound sludgy and undefined, only sometimes breaking free of the low bass shudders. “You Know” and “Glory & Hope” are slightly better, with more depth to the sound and somewhat changing tones of sound, where the breadth and pitch is more spread out.

Protocols’ side of the split has only two tracks, “Fa” and “Sandraudiga.” The first has some pretty defined fire samples along with dark synth dirges and a repetitive format that lasts for its twenty minutes. The ambiance of this track is aided by the fire crackles, and Protocols do a good job of keeping things fresh despite the fairly obvious use of repeating textures. The same goes for “Sandraudiga,” with another subtle fire crackle, more dreamy synth drones, and a loose warble that makes the tune feel like its weaving in and out. The Protocols side is absolutely recommended.

It’s a 50/50 release from Winter Solace, with Klontaveum’s side not very striking or profound; Protocols, however, sincerely deliver a nice droning ambient 35 minutes that is definitely worth the while.

2 thoughts on “Klontaveum/Protocols – Glory & Hope/Fa (C90, Winter Solace Productions)

  1. The tape you were sent is a C-90 with 45 minutes on each side. I forget when it comes to Noise etc, that side lengths are noted. I buy c-32’s, c-62’s and c-92’s in bulk and only dub a tape when somebody buys it. Most black metal/metal demo cassette tapes are done this way, so that is just how I do the noise ones too.

  2. Thanks, I updated the post to reflect the actual tape length. The side lengths aren’t really important, I just like to notate it in reviews.

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