Vomir – Que le ressac de ta jouissance n’ait lieu qu’au reflux de la douleur (3″ CD-R, Corpse-Grained Series)

que le ressac

Vomir’s release on the Corpse-Grained series is an 18 minute track of static that doesn’t change, which should surprise no one at all. His output of late has felt very similar – I keep coming back to his release on Forever Escaping Boredom, his Untitled C30, where both tracks sounded almost completely the same – and Que le ressac de ta jouissance n’ait lieu qu’au reflux de la douleur is no different. I’m not too sure what the title translates to, because Google Translate does not give me an acceptable enough answer (something to do with “surf” and “reflux pain,” which I don’t think is right), but whatever the case, Vomir’s release is certainly a slab of harsh noise wall that blocks light from its texture.

The track doesn’t feel like it changes it at all throughout it’s 18 minutes. There is a lot of crunch right at the front of this wall, a static smash that is so tight its difficult to hear any pops or eccentricities in the tone. The only thing that stands out is an occasional roiling of the static. In the background is a bass-driven rumble that judders along without stopping or shifting.

There is a sensation in the background of ambiance, but that, I believe, is an illusion created by the way both the bass and the static collide. There’s little room within the wall for any movement – the static is stoic, the bass is stoic – and so the result is something that evokes a muffled tone.

All told it’s a good, expected wall from Vomir, one that’s not too difficult to listen to but does offer up some variations inside the wall to listen for. This is Vomir doing his best to remain rigid and unchanging, and over 18 minutes, he succeeds.


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