Tissa Mawartyassari – Yūrei (3″ CD-R, Corpse-Grained Series)

tissa mawartyassari yurei

Yūrei is Tissa Mawartyassari’s contribution to the Ink Runs Recordings’ sublabel Corpse-Grained Series. She’s worked prominently under her solo output, as well as frequent collaborations with Richard Ramirez (also a contributor to Corpse-Grained); on this release, clocking in at just over 18 minutes, Tissa Mawartyassari manages to cram a few changes into the single harsh noise wall offered.

The opening to “Yūrei” is fantastic, with a layer of solid crackle that surges at times; the best part, though, is this ringing sensation behind the wall, something that resonates outward from the sound instead of becoming a part of the wall. It’s a fascinating noise to follow, because throughout the changes in “Yūrei” that sound still continues.

At around the 8 minute mark, Tissa Mawartyassari begins to change the wall around, I think to the detriment of this track. It begins to feel random – small jumps to heavier bass or slow fades in the wall only to come back to the original raucous violence of the solid static crackle break from the hypnotism, forcing the listener from their mental dreamings. The latter portion of “Yūrei” feels like it’s nearly about to fall apart, and it loses some of that steam.

But I keep coming back to that floating sound just beyond the wall, a tone that really defies defining. It’s an alarm, it’s a feedback tone, it’s an intentional distraction in the wall meant to be heard. Whatever it is, it certainly makes an impact on Yūrei despite some questionable changes in the texture.


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