Fatgirl – A Failure to Pause (3″ CD-R, Corpse-Grained Series)

fatgirl a failure to pause

Fatgirl is another new project from Richard Ramirez, and A Failure to Pause is the first release on the 3″ CD-R label Corpse-Grained Series, which is an offshoot of Julian Skrobek’s Ink Runs Recordings. Fatgirl incorporates a lot of obesity imagery in this work, from the CD-R’s packaging to the sample at the beginning of the track.

A Failure to Pause is one track of harsh noise wall coming in at about 18 minutes long. It opens with a girl discussing her purging, stating that she would get extreme headaches from it and then promise herself that she wouldn’t do it anymore. Then, Fatgirl heads right into the wall, which is a seriously crunchy affair of a couple noticeable pieces of static. The first thing that you get is the shuddering surge of staccato crunch at the forefront of the track, punctuating the piece with a lot of interesting texture. Behind it is some more mid-range static, not as prominent but holding the wall down to provide a base. Lastly, a slow bass rumble can be heard underneath it all, not especially noticeable but still enough to make an impression.

“A Failure to Pause” doesn’t change much throughout its 18 minutes, relatively stoic in its approach to the fluttering static. It’s that loose coil of static that holds much of the patterning, creating a sense of shifts when I’m pretty sure there isn’t any. It’s a very good outing for Fatgirl, one that fits nicely into Richard Ramirez’s seriously hefty discography.


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