Faker – Confirmation Bias (3″ Biz CD-R, Serious Business)


There aren’t a lot of releases under the Faker moniker, but if Confirmation Bias is any indication of this harsh noise wall project’s output, it’s time to start looking for the rest. This short five minute track, put out on the Serious Business label that releases biz CD-Rs, is a very harsh, very loud offering of fairly stoic HNW with intermittent changes within the wall.

It begins with a short introduction, of people talking and an orchestra beginning some sort of song, before opening up into a huge wall of heavy crackling static, a rumbling bass, and something in the middle that sort of sounds like the subway coming to a stop – it’s high-pitched, sort of grating, and often feels rhythmic until Faker allows it to sustain that sound for some time.

It’s is this middle portion of feedback screech that makes up the changes in the wall; it feels like there are three or four sources within, and though the static and bass hold tight, the scrabbling changes in Confirmation Bias make this a more difficult listen than other walls. It’s also mastered pretty loudly, so it pummels the listener right out of the gate if you’re not paying attention to volume.

There were only fifteen of these released, so I’m pretty sure that this little guy is sold out from Serious Business – although the site still shows it for sale, so I’m not sure if it just hasn’t been updated or if he still has some available. Head over to the website anyway to pick up the newest releases.



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