J. Peterson – Obsess (C40, Not On Label)

harsh noise, harsh noise wall, Noise, Review

j peterson obsess

J. Peterson, sometimes under JCP, offers up two harsh tracks about foot fetishes on Obsess. It’s a release that’s been crafted by the man himself – there’s a homemade cassette case in blue and printed artwork taped to the front, along with a blue cassette hand-labeled. Pulling that DIY feeling into this tape emphasizes the obsession of the theme, even if the track titles aren’t there to tell you.

The first track, “Heel to Toe,” is a blown-out rumbling affair. It’s not quite a wall – there’s a lot of movement within, often using staccato elements of the quiet static as a backdrop for the shuddering bass throughout – but the idea and the magnitude of the sound is there. The bass textures aren’t deep, but they’re rigid enough to work, and instead of providing background for the piece, they are the main focal point of “Heel to Toe.” The spastic static later is just an additional player in the difficult listen of this piece.

Side B, “Refinement of Object,” is much more wall-like in texture, starting with a crackly bass rumble as though a train is passing and sticking to that subject for much of the track. There’s a subliminal pattern of static below the straightforward judders, sticky and crunchy, that adds quite a bit of depth. J. Peterson does end up shifting this wall to and fro, adding feedback and the sound of exhaust-like whispers of noise as he sees fit, but “Refinement of Object” does nicely stay stuck to its initial rumble.

If you can find it, it’s worth the effort to pick up Obsess from J. Peterson – one track harsh noise, one track semi-HNW, both of them well-done in my book. And the nice blue tapes that this release comes on look great as well. For foot fetishists, this is definitely one for your shelf.

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