Sadistic Fall – The Ruined Castle (CD-R, Ink Runs Recordings)

sadistic fall ruined castle

Sadistic Fall is yet another project from Ink Runs Recordings’ Julien Skrobek. This one is another harsh noise wall release in the vein of some of Skrobek’s earlier output as Ghost and Ruine. Sadistic Fall has had a couple of different albums now; this one features a 20-odd minute track that rarely changes from its staccato pulse.

The Ruined Castle is made up of a couple different textures. There’s a roiling bass background that moves forward steadily, somewhat faster than middling speed. On top of that is a crunchy crackle of static, somewhere between the spitting of a fire and the crushing of leaves.

The pairing is quite effective as a wall, with a lot to focus on in both foreground and background. The minimal layering is similar to other HNW output, but there’s a tendency for The Ruined Castle‘s generally stoic sound to change the static patterning, at least in some small part. There are some surges of crackle, some portions that seem a bit less spaced out – that’s where the draw lies.

As stated before, this project release feels more akin to Skrobek’s earlier projects than his latest output with other monikers. This is rather unchanging and predictable, yet subtle movements keep the sound lurching forward throughout the runtime. For fans of his work, this is a rewarding listen from yet another Skrobek project.



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