Velfaerd – Alt Er Vel (CD-R, Ink Runs Recordings)

harsh noise, harsh noise wall, Noise, Review


Velfaerd is a static noise project from Denmark; the project’s name means “welfare” in Danish. Alt Er Vel is the first release from this sonic noisician, and it is one long thirty minute track of rhythmic wall that does not change from structure.

The texture of Alt Er Vel, however, consistently varies, from a wash of static to a wave and back again. It’s clear that Velfaerd does not change the way the track moves; it is clearly rhythmic, with a push and pull to it defined by a surging in the loop’s latter portion.

The change occurs in the static that muffles the piece. Different emphasis on crunch makes up the only variation. While Velfaerd is offering up a wall in some way, the loop makes it difficult to really tuck into this track – the hypnotism of the layering is broken by the constant sing-songy loop.

As a project, Velfaerd is young and probably just finding the theme of its noise output. Alt Er Vel is a good start, although the elongated portions of the sole track tend to focus too much on the loop by trading one fuzzy texture for another. Still, it’s an artist to look out for – also available is a split¬†with Robert Ridley-Shackleton called Wind Damage.

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