Pissdeads – Proud and Full of Joy (3″ Biz CD-R, Serious Business)

Noise, Noisecore, Review

proud and full of joy

If ever there was a title unsuitable for a Pissdeads album, Proud and Full of Joy really nails it. Pissdeads have little pride or joy in their sound on this release from Serious Business; instead, they play through the noise, the bad garage recordings, the pain.

This is where the biz CD-R format really shines. Though the discs only hold five minutes of content, Pissdeads pack it in there, getting in eight tracks before the close of the album. It’s grind/power violence at its rawest and fastest, with Popster destroying the drums and vocal cords while Tumus gives just the hint of bass.

That is, at least in the first three recordings. “Death Destroyer,” “Hurt the Stupid,” and “Scumfinder General” are very rough recordings, the kind where it’s difficult to make out much besides the drums and cymbals. The bass comes through nicely at moments, and in “Scumfinder General” they find time to slow things down for a sludgy interlude.

It’s the last five tracks that explode, though. These are loudly mastered, a direct opposite to the first cuts. Again, the bass is hidden behind cymbals and screams, but that’s the point – there’s actually little to make out from the bass anyway besides a constant barrage of frayed sounds. Pissdeads dominate on those final tracks, making this well worth the commitment.

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