Umpio – Sauna (CD, Terror)

harsh noise, Noise, Review


Umpio previously released Sauna as a C30 on ObscureX back in 2010, but Terror has nicely redesigned the set in a digipak, with four new tracks previously unreleased. It’s a great-looking digipak, and for the price you can’t beat restocking your collection with a re-release that adds so many more tracks.

Umpio hits hard with the two focal points of the release, the two fifteen-minute tracks “Burning Foundation” and “Heat, Sweat, and Stink.” Both are long-running moments of harsh noise destruction, with the latter track taking on a more ambient, spacier tone. “Burning Foundation” features what sounds like a percussive rhythm underneath the scrapes and smashes of junk metal.

The four additional tracks, recorded a year after the original Sauna set with Pekka PT, are shorter and brisker, straight to the point with scratchy crumbles. They certainly sound recorded at a different period than the first two tracks, but these ones have a cohesive feeling – mainly emphasized by the higher-pitched screeches that clamor around each cut.

If you’re a fan of Umpio’s brand of junky, metallic harsh noise, Sauna is well worth the purchase. The four new tracks add a lot, even if they don’t feel particularly linked to the the original release. And Sauna is even a good starting point for those looking to get into Umpio.

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