African Audio Documents: Cellule Africaine (CD-R, African Audio Documents)

cellule africaine

Cellule Africaine is the second release by Pierre Ndoki on African Audio Documents, this time a 30 minute wall of unchanging sound that follows a similar pattern to Effacer Le Tableau. This wall is influenced by Jean Christophe Mitterand and the sale of illicit weapons, which netted him a profit of $1,800,000 and the murders of up to 1,000,000 people.

Again, “Cellule Africaine” is relatively unchanging throughout its thirty minutes. It presents with a raw, crackling static line with just a hint of bass. Underneath that is a thudding bass that nearly sounds like a march or a percussive drum roll, adding to the static’s already ripping sound. It all pairs together very well, hypnotically alternating and weaving as though there is movement when it really does seem like there is none to speak of. The setup is effective, and the lessened length this time at a half-hour is more welcoming to listeners.

This is another great experiment from Ndoki with even better results than the first release, and lovers of HNW will undoubtedly enjoy the crunch of these analog sounds. Head over to the African Audio Documents page to check if this is still available.



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