African Audio Documents: Effacer Le Tableau (CD-R, African Audio Documents)

effacer le tableau

African Audio Documents is a relatively new label started and run by Pierre Ndoki, who also does all of the noise on the releases. Effacer Le Tableau is the first release on the label, which is presented in a very similar manner as the now-defunct label Slow Death Records used to do, with colored cover prints in a plastic sleeve with unlabeled CD-Rs. Effacer Le Tableau is inspired by Colonel Freddy Ngalimo’s introduction of war cannibalism in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The release is a solitary, nearly unchanging wall of bass textures. The track clocks in at exactly 50 minutes, a fairly lengthy bit of harsh/ambient noise wall. Not knowing a lot about this Congolese event, it’s difficult to comment on how exactly the track’s rigorous sub-bass pulse – crackling rumbles and pops paired with a low bass drone – relates to Ngalimo and war cannibalism, but the length feels overreaching, unnecessarily stretched. Whether that is the intention based on the influence is lost upon this listener, but the crackles didn’t hold my attention for the entire length.

Still, this is an interesting debut from African Audio Documents, and for close listeners the popping and crackle of the deep pockmarked textures are hypnotic for long periods of time. The simple layout of the release, and the studious nature of Ndoki’s themes and inspirations, make this a label to watch.


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