The Transplant Mountains/Chapels – Split (C54, House of Alchemy)

transplant mountains chapels

This split from the Transplant Mountains and Chapels is a double-dose of odd drones and noise effects, entrenched in a strong sense of flowing rhythm. Justin Wiggan, Relmic Statue, Daniel Hadden, and Rob Savage make up the former group’s ensemble, while the latter is simply Adam Richards working solo.

The first side comes from the Transplant Mountains, called “So Shines a Good Deed in a Weary World,” also part of their Tumblr page’s URL. It’s got a solid mix of sounds, from the dronier manipulations and sworls of noise to the hissing fuzz of static late in the track. But the best part of the lengthy track is Daniel Hadden’s saxophone, which lends the Transplant Mountains a sort of free-jazz tone that works well within their dreamy, fluid piece.

Chapels’ side, title “It Was Snowing and It Was Going to Snow (Decline),” locks into a droning groove early, with a synth layering that flutters along with interlocking loops of solitary guitar pluckings. A while in, the louder synth pulls back, giving the piece an ominous tone; while Chapels doesn’t vary the sound, the atmosphere of the accompanying layers, as well as the slow escalation of volume, are more than enough to coax listeners.

Both sides of this split are excellent variations on drone; while The Transplant Mountains tend to enliven their work with ensemble-driven rhythms, Chapels takes minimal synth sounds and pairs it with added textures to hypnotic effect. The whole tape is worth a listen, and preferably in one sitting, because this is a split that is quite cohesive back-to-back.



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