Sludgethrone – A Megadose of Unusual Gain Structures (CD-R, Earthmover Records)


Sludgethrone is another project of Harvey (I recently reviewed his other noise/sludge project Griefhound), along with Mike and Ram. This time, though, their sound is more entrenched in sludge and doom, without any of the noisy interludes that their alter-ego utilizes. What A Megadose of Unusual Gain Structures brings is an intense 20-minute workout of repetitive sludge song structures with heavy riffs and an excellent vocal delivery.

There are three tracks on the album, and they’re mixed with a grainy quality that gives them an added dosage of grittiness. The vocals are dry but echoing, and they feel right at home with the slow drudge of the instruments; the drums themselves are played with such a robotic tenacity that there’s no stopping the doomy procession.

Sludgethrone don’t really change up the rhythms much in each song; the riffs tend to stay the same, but the way they’re played switches from mechanical slowness to more nuanced portions, especially towards the end of “Street Trash/Catastrophe,” which branches out from its initial riffs in the last few minutes.

While A Megadose of Unusual Gain Structures doesn’t break the mold for sludge/doom, it does fit right in with other acts that are doing similar things right now. Sludgethrone aren’t afraid to take a riff and smother you with it, but they’re also open to changing the structure of their songs as they see fit. It is, however, the unique vocal delivery that really makes the album come alive.


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