Serpent Sex – Abased & Sloughing (CD-R, Ink Runs Recordings)

serpent sex

Serpent Sex is another project from Julien Skrobek of Ghost/Ruine/various other releases, and this time he offers up one nearly 20-minute wall of sound called Abased & Sloughing. The release’s description simply states it is “processed white noise.”

That it is; the title track starts out with a quiet crackle of fuzz that intermittently features a sharp feedback burst, trading these off quite willingly throughout the opening few minutes of the piece. It is the most hypnotic of the twenty minutes, offering a loose, comfortably-paced bit of static that plays with expectations with its soft hush.

A little while in, it adds a couple of layers of static and bass to create an airy texture; that crackle is still in there, but there’s more emphasis on a background hum. There’s all good textures, but once this shift occurs the wall becomes more akin to standard HNW. It’s not a bad thing, but it does tend to blend together a bit more than the ambient textures of the opening. Eventually it all cuts out to head back to the static that began the track.

Serpent Sex is another interesting project from Skrobek, and Abased & Sloughing has some unique textures within it. An emphasis on the ambient and quieter portions of this wall is the most compelling feature of the release.


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