The Girl with the Stanley Knife – Cradle of Blades (CD-R, Ink Runs Recordings)

cradle of blades

Ink Runs Recordings is the new label from Julien Skrobek of Ruine, Ghost, and many other harsh noise wall projects, as well as the previous label Slow Death Records. In much the same fashion as that previous label, Ink Runs Recordings releases small sets of CD-Rs with plastic sleeves and a more abstract approach to artwork. The Girl with the Stanley Knife is Skrobek’s significant other Charlotte Skrobek, a HNW project that puts out one 20 minute wall on this release Cradle of Blades.

The track is punctuated by a heavy bass wall without any openings that fills the background of the track, a fast-moving wave that stays put throughout. The forefront features a static crackle that alternates thanks to what appears to be Skrobek’s manipulation of a contact mic. There are a few changes within the sound, with a mid-range static sizzle opening up after the five minute mark, a quiet crackle towards the middle, and a quiet retreat from the dense background wall at the end.

The contact mic crackle at the beginning of this track is the most interesting, calm and clean and yet hypnotic in its alterations. The more pronounced static in the proceeding minutes is familiar to the genre, but still an excellent pairing with the impenetrable background. The Girl with the Stanley Knife’s debut work is a substantial release with a good wall, effectively combining multiple textures and variations throughout.


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