Loopool – As Dionysis (3″ CD-R, Records Ad Nauseam)

as dionysis

Dionysus is the god of wine, merriment, and love-making; all are probably not within the spectrum of what most people think of when they hear noise. But Loopool offers three tracks on this 3″ CD-R that effectively encapsulates how an drunken orgy might sound with Dionysus as the composer.

The first track, “First Born,” is the most fleshed-out of the three and the longest. Loopool starts things with a fast-moving synth loop, adding another, different version of a similar sound at a different time later on. The best part of “First Born” is the eerie, punctuated flute or piccolo that lends the track an ethereal, floating tone. It blends well with the loops and the god-like nature of Dionysus, flowing but with just a hint of darkness about it.

“Bacchanalia” and “Dionysian Hangover” feel more like an addendum to “First Born,” with the former a loop of many voices seemingly shouting in ecstasy and the latter featuring more of the majestic-yet-sinister flute/piccolo alone.  These feel like a comedown from the orgiastic opener, and yet they continue the tone of the release.

As Dionysis is a short release but one that’s quite pleasing to listen to throughout. Loopool hits with all of the facets of the tracks – the reedy tone of the woodwind, the off-kilter looping, and the adherence to the theme of the release make the CD-R  great investment.


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