W>A>S>P>S/Nacht und Nebel – Split (7″, Nunwsp)


This is a short split between W>A>S>P>S (also of SCKE//, the man apparently likes acronyms) and Nacht und Nebel with four tracks across the whole record. There’s a similarity of crunchy murk throughout, with Nacht und Nebel wandering through thick junk sound in three significantly short tracks while W>A>S>P>S sticks to one rigid sound throughout his four minute side.

Nacht und Nebel’s three track are all right around a minute long, and as the liner notes state, were all created using a cello. Apparently this was an abused instrument because none of the tracks truly sound sourced from the cello except in the sense that they’ve been destroyed, re-envisioned, and manipulated into shuddery noises and submarine pings. There’s quite a bit more variation to the tracks than one might expect, and the three different tracks feel decidedly different despite fitting together quite nicely.

The other side of the record finds W>A>S>P>S experimenting with a crunchy, warped texture that wavers and jumps but remains fairly unchanged throughout. The offering finds good middle ground between bass and static sounds and often seems to change its pattern even when it is apparent there’s no rhythm to be found. On such a short split, it’s unfortunate W>A>S>P>S doesn’t give the listener a bit more to work with, but the one track is good enough on its own.

This split is ultimately just a short 7″ to get the listener accustomed to both artists, not to be taken as a fully realized album. It’s an interesting example of what they can do, and the EP itself fits together pretty well. Certainly worth the short time it takes to listen.


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