Paregorik – Daydream Services (C16, Hair On My Food Tapes & Records)

paregorik daydream services

Paregorik is a harsh noise project from the Czech Republic, the same man behind Static Mantra and a couple of other lesser-used monikers. Daydream Services offers two tracks at just around the 8 minute mark apiece, murky and full of harsh oscillations of static and bass that swirl the listener with sound.

The first track is “Evening is the Way,” with noise that continues to oscillate and flex throughout. Much of this track is dedicated to fuzzy, alternating textures; Paregorik twists and turns and the noise but ultimately stays rooted to the same themes throughout. It’s a fairly uncomplicated track that feels familiar to most harsh noise listeners, but it does the job.

“Broken Morning” has a more subdued and laid-back approach to it; there’s a very swampy, sludgy fog to that tends to coat the track in a grime that does not allow for more pronounced elements to unfold. The bass rumbles are there, but they aren’t as punctuated or substantial as they could be. The static whorls are dampened as well. One gets the feeling that, had the sound been subject for better fidelity, the track could have been quite promising as bleeps and drones take over at the end.

Daydream Services is a standard release for harsh noise, and while it’s not a terribly original or interesting approach, it is at least worth a listen for its short length. A more pronounced couple of tracks, and perhaps a venture out of the murky territory that Paregorik sticks to, would have elevated this release above simply competent.

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