Vomir/Pig Shrapnel – Split (C62, Hair On My Food Tapes & Records)

vomir pig

I think we all know who Vomir is; Pig Shrapnel is Joe Stache’s HNW project who also runs Hair On My Food and Serious Business. Both of them come together on this lengthy split to make a whole lot of racket with two side-long harsh noise walls. You were expecting anything different?

Vomir’s track is “Untitled” on the A-side, and he offers us a 30 minute slice of harsh noise wall heaven right up there with many of his other similar-sounding walls. This one’s fairly roiling with a heady bass roll in the background of the wall with some sticky, fuzzy static up front that is fairly fast-moving, leaving little space between. If you thought you were in for change, you’re mistaken; “Untitled” remains consistent throughout, a block of sound that seems like it’s moving thanks to the static pops but isn’t dynamic by any standard.

Pig Shrapnel’s side is much more bass-driven. “Behold the Pig” is dirty low-end sludge, where the bass rumbles tend to take on a life of their own, oscillating to different pitches (or not?) and seemingly wavering all over the place. There is just a hint of a static trickle spitting at the listener; it’s occasionally there, and when it is it adds only a flavoring of substance that surprisingly works very well. It’s an intriguing listen all around that stays locked and yet feels different throughout the whole track.

It would be well worth the money to check out this split for Pig Shrapnel’s track alone, and you already know what Vomir sounds like. But with both tracks, this is a must for harsh noise wall fans. Unfortunately, if you didn’t pick it up when it was released, you’re out of luck – it was in an edition of 17, and they’re sold out.



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