Tjere – Stream (Biz CD-R, Serious Business)


Tjere is Mitchell Rotunno, a harsh noise project that has released a hell of a lot of releases within the past couple of years. His presence on Serious Business, a label that only releases on biz CD-Rs with five minute running times, makes sense – Tjere’s harsh noise is abrasive and rapidly moving, and it warrants the shorter length.

On Stream, Tjere gives us alternating bursts of high, hyper-fluctuating feedbacks and whorls with shorter parts of the track serving to carve out a maelstrom. Stream never lets up through its five minutes; it is consistently zooming forward, and even the oscillations within the feedback are quickly rushing by just to assault the ears.

It’s not the most original release, but it quickly becomes a likable one – Tjere isn’t padding the track with random elements, or throwing in very different sequences of sound. The track is patterned and rigid and connected throughout, making this Biz CD-R absolutely worth the five minutes.


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