Dante Augustus Scarlatti – Recycled HNW (C???, Auris Apothecary)


Dante Augustus Scarlatti released this Recycled HNW cassette with an interesting premise: all the cassettes are different lengths, recorded on cassettes of books on tape, and made with multiple layers. That means that when you order your cassette, you won’t really know how long yours will be – will it be a C10? A C60? Or a C90? You’ll only know after you listen.

This is a pretty awesome idea, because I’ve often wondered what makes artists extend their harsh noise walls to such long lengths. Does one wall make a better longer track than others? I’m not sure I understand it, even though as a harsh noise wall artist I do work in both long and short form. It’s a decision you must make, and with an unchanging release such as this one, the length may not make a difference.

My tape is significantly longer than a C30 – if I had to guess, because I didn’t time it, I would say that it’s in the C60 to C90 range. The track is fairly stable in its output, with unnoticeable loops in the pattern. The tape features a prominent whistling texture up front, with close static crackles lower in the mix and an airy rumble throughout. At times there seems to be movement within the wall – it could be warbles, or inconsistencies in the tape because of its recycled nature – but for the most part the sound stays locked in a groove. I’d argue that my tape’s a little too long for the offering, but again, depending on how long your tape is you might beg to differ – and it also depends on how degraded the recycled cassette is, because the second side of my tape seemed quite warbled unless it was my tape player itself. An interesting experiment it is, and one that will give you at least an hour of solid wall.

You can order over at The Pharmacy.


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