Grunt – Someone Is Watching (CD, Force Majeure)

harsh noise, Industrial, Noise, power electronics, Review

someone is watching

Grunt’s active style of noise is fully present on this reissue CD of Someone Is Watching, originally a C60 back in 1998. The CD emphasizes the paranoia on display in the lyrics and titles of Grunt’s work; an insert features a nine-panel picture of people being viewed through a security camera, as well as a write-up of video surveillance systems.

If Grunt’s recordings aren’t intensely focused on the politics of surveillance then I don’t know what is. His power electronics delivery is one of the most recognizable and violent of all of the acts I’ve heard, and the opening moments of “Watch Your Back” are so devastating thanks to Grunt’s iconic vocals that it’s easy to see what’s in store throughout. He works with loops, crushing static, and heavy synth rhythms for a sound that matches the dissent in politics and world affairs.

The only track that really misses the mark is “You Can’t Hide,” which differentiates itself from the other songs on the disc by using loops of sound samples including, “Where you gonna run? Where you gonna hide? Nowhere.” throughout. It doesn’t have the flair that Grunt’s own screams give to the tracks despite significantly highlighting the paranoia.

Force Majeure’s re-release seems to omit two tracks from the original: “DNA Test” and “Filmed Proof” are missing here although listed on the original cassette, so either those were tracks Grunt did not want included or Force Majeure made an executive decision to leave them off.

If you missed Someone Is Watching when it first released, it’s in your best interest to pick up this re-released edition. These are some violent and heavy tracks from the power electronics king, and you’ll want it in your discography.

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