White Gimp Mask/Volksmorg – Cum is Nothing When You Enter Through the Back Opening (C40, Terror)

white gimp mask volksmorg

The two sides of Cum is Nothing When You Enter Through the Back Opening are quite different. If you’ve heard White Gimp Mask before, you know what to expect from his 20-minute side: tons of electronics destruction, often rigorously changing throughout the piece. But Volksmorg I’m really not familiar with, so their quiet bass-driven texturing took me by surprise on the second side. Unlike WGM, Volksmorg is more subdued, with few changes throughout. The artwork on this tape is by no means quiet, however; fairly graphic pictures of homemade porn – generally done by people who probably weren’t in a good state of mind – are included in the foldout, along with the cover picture.

The White Gimp Mask side is consistent with what he’s released before. It’s a violent and chaotic assault on the senses with a heavy bass tone, innumerable shifts, and electronic caterwauling. I like that the set rarely deviates from the initial idea from where it began, thoug; throughout WGM’s track, the constant swirls of sound all stay within the same range. There are slashes of static and a single feedback tone that carries through, and these pieces are what make up the patterning shifts. Towards the end of the track an insistent bass takes precedence up front, but for the most part, WGM sticks to a specific area of sound.

The Volksmorg side also finds a solid tone and sticks to it. The track begins with a deep, sonorous tone with some slowed vocal samples. The drone continues throughout the track, with Volksmorg adding occasional noises: whirrings, deep bass, some sharp scratches. They aren’t enough to bring this track above a dull roar though; the muted tone that remains throughout the cut is rather bland, lacking a dynamic that would make this a more interesting piece. The use of quick noises helps to differentiate somewhat, but they’re often so separated from each other that the track feels longer than it is.

Cum is Nothing When You Enter Through the Back Opening is somewhat of a frustrating release. The White Gimp Mask side is good but fairly unoriginal; Volksmorg’s offering could be better if the tone wasn’t so stoic and underdeveloped. I could see both artists on a better split if Volksmorg just tightened up the sound a little bit. As it stands, the tape’s a listenable but underwhelming experience.

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